jiajia wang


Location : China
The works portray a supernatural, melancholy world, using a variety of eclectic imagery borrowing from science fiction, traditional landscape painting etc; Dystopian wastelands punctured by neon lines clash with mountains, rocks, streams and houses. Decayed by age and imaginary climate, it is unclear if the places portrayed are past or future. Each painting houses a different setting, scenes of this alternate world, sometimes bright and explosive barely contained by the canvas, others dark and menacing.

Uninhabited, desolate and menacing; faces, fragments of houses hang in the paintings like pathetic super Mario scenery filler, comedic and tragic all at once, for them there is no escape; they are doomed to exist in a world in which they can neither move nor escape.

Pieces of the background shatter into the foreground, as they become unstable and self destructive, abstract lines, strokes and geometric shapes pockmark the surface, as washes, varnishes and resin are worked then re-worked, creating multi-layered surfaces that shimmer, crack and melt into each other.

The work hovers between abstraction, realism and landscape without a firm foothold in any particular place. These few years have seen a change in my process where I want to revisit old works and edit and re paint over them, many of the canvases in the show are a process of three or four years of continual change and development.
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